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Office of Mayor

Elected to a two-year term of office, presides over the City Council, serves as ex-officio member, and is recognized as the City’s Chief Elected Official. The Mayor may recommend or introduce proposed ordinances, resolutions, or motions to the Council, and has the power to veto any ordinances, legislative resolution, or appropriation adopted by the Council. The Mayor does not vote on Council matters except in the case of a tie (except on zoning issues). The Mayor appoints the Deputy Mayor and makes appointments to boards and commissions. 

Manuel A. Santos officially took office as Meriden’s 49th Mayor on December 2, 2013. Fairly new to politics, Manny brings a fresh perspective to City Hall. His primary focus is on ensuring Meriden has a friendly and proactive business climate, thereby reducing the tax burden on individual taxpayers, while promoting economic activity for the benefit of our residents. Mayor Santos believes taxpayers deserve outstanding service from their City, and a transparent and accountable local government. 

Before becoming Mayor, Manny was a senior member of a design and engineering team working on products used by our military. His industry experience includes designing and manufacturing products in aerospace, automotive, medical and telecommunications. Taking advantage of his technical expertise, Mayor Santos also consults for product development firms and helps aspiring inventors bring their ideas to life. Seeing a need to promote his profession, Mayor Santos volunteers at professional development events, twice being Chief Judge at ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) Student Design Competition.

Mayor Santos graduated from the University of Connecticut with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Married to Maryann Santos, she and Manny have two children in the Meriden public schools. Mayor Santos served two years on the Washington Middle School Governance Council, where he came to understand the challenges of our education system. He also led Cub Scouts Pack 29 as Cub master.

Meriden is home to some wonderful nonprofit organizations that service the many needs of our community. Mayor Santos also acknowledges the contributions of the City’s many churches and their importance for a vibrant and moral society. Mayor Santos leads a Christian life, attending church regularly and often credits his faith for the successes in his life.

Upon graduating from Hartford Public High School, but before attending college, Manny enlisted for active duty in the United States Marine Corps, serving in the Gulf War for the liberation of Kuwait. He continues to support our military by remaining engaged with local veteran organizations.

Born in Portugal into a home with no electricity or running water, Mayor Santos appreciates everything these United States represents, and believes that with hard work and determination, anyone from any background can be successful. It’s with that same belief and determination that Mayor Santos knows greater things have yet to come to our city. Mayor Santos finds it a privilege and an honor to serve the citizens of Meriden, and he thanks you for the trust to lead the City.