City of Meriden
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  • Office of the Mayor - Elected to a two-year term of office, the Mayor presides over the City Council, serves as an ex-officio member and is recognized as the City’s Chief Elected Official.  The Mayor may recommend or introduce proposed ordinances, resolutions or motions to the Council and has the power to veto any ordinance, legislative resolution, or appropriation adopted by the Council.  The Mayor does not vote on Council matters except in the case of a tie (except on zoning issues).  The Mayor appoints the Deputy Mayor and makes appointments to selected Boards and Commissions.
  • City Council - The Council, composed of the Mayor and (12) twelve members, is the legislative and fiscal body of the City of Meriden.  The Council has the power to enact, amend, or repeal ordinances consistent with the Connecticut General Statutes and the City Charter; they also act as the Zoning Commission for the City.

Keep track of the actions of the City Council by reading meeting minutes and recaps on the City's website.  Council Meeting Minutes are updated regularly.  You can also register now to receive copies of City Council and Finance Committee Meeting Minutes via email as soon as they are posted to the site. 


  • Standing Committees   - There are five Council Standing Committees which conduct the majority of the Council’s activities at regularly scheduled meetings. Comprised solely of Council members, they hold public hearings, review Council referrals, and forward recommendations to the full City Council for its consideration and approval.  Each Standing Committee's meeting minutes can be viewed online.  Meeting Minutes are updated regularly.  
  • Registrar of Voters - These elected officials are responsible for maintaining enrollment and registration lists, organizing election workers and running elections.
  • City Clerk - Positioned between the governing body and the citizens, City Clerks are charged with ensuring “open and public” government by providing access to government records.