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Current Location
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Meriden Farmers' Market


The Meriden Green 
Location: 46 Pratt St. (across from Fire House, at the foot of the bridge)
Time: 8:30 am - 12:00 noon
Dates: Every Sat. July 16 - Oct. 22
Grand Opening: July 16, 2016

Market Open Rain or Shine

 New 2016 location

ARC provides the market manager for the Farmers' Market. ARC website

Join the fun
Fresh Connecticut-grown produce
Specialty foods
Unique luncheons
Arts and Crafts
Community booths
Entertainment programs
Healthy eating!

The Market offers four types of vendors for shoppers:

  • Farmers providing farm-fresh produce
  • Specialty Food Vendors - featuring products such as heirloom tomatoes, cheese, eggs or honey
  • On-site Food Preparation - such as “lunch on the go” booths and guest restaurants
  • Non-Food Vendors - including local craftsmen offering items such as jewelry, cut and silk flowers, homemade crafts and clothing. 

 Ripe produce is harvested and then sold at the Market that day, providing an exceptional garden-fresh taste. Shoppers will find a variety of fruits and vegetables grown for flavor and have the opportunity to meet the farmers, perhaps discussing with them the growing conditions or special cooking recipes. And buying from Connecticut farmers also helps our state’s economy.
 Specialty food items at the Arc Eatery.
 Entertainment for special events
 Ample free parking is available.
 Each week at the Market will be a new experience. Food booths often with varying ethnic flavors, different community groups, and new entertainment will be just a few of the features. 


Highlights from the 2015 Season 

Funding provided in part by the Connecticut Department of Agriculture
through the Community Investment Act

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Back to School Family Fun Day - Sept. 12, 2015

Halloween Family Fun Day - Oct. 24, 2015 (32 slides)

Video by Christopher Zajac / Meriden Record-Journal
Click here for full  story


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