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Highway Division

The Highway Division is responsible for maintaining the City’s infrastructure which includes approximately 188 miles of roads and approximately 739 streets.  The division employs 17 full-time people.  The Department of Public Utilities is responsible for the maintenance of the City's water and sewer facilities.

Christmas Trees - The Highway Division begins the collection of holiday trees on the first Monday following Three Kings Day and continues through the month of January.  Collection is divided between the east side (2 weeks) and west side (2 weeks) of the City.  All decorations and plastic covers must be removed.

Curbing Repair and Replacement - This is done to ensure street water will find its way into the City's drainage system.  The Highway Division determines which curbs need repair and which streets require new curbs.

 Grass clippings- Grass clippings are not picked up by the City nor are they allowed at the Transfer Station.  Grass clippings should be left on your lawn.  (helpful tip)

 Floods and Storms - The Highway Division is responsible for coordinating the City’s response for winter and seasonal storms.

Leaf Collection - The Highway Division collects leaves free-of-charge for City residents usually starting the second week of November and lasting until the first snowfall.  Additionally, the City does not collect leaves in the spring.  Residents do not have to make any appointments, they only have to place their leaves at curbside.  Please note that only leaves in biodegradable bags will be collected and the use of duct tape is not permitted. Leaves in plastic bags will not be collected.

 Paving - Performs in-house paving, usually from April through November.

 Pothole Repair - Residents may report potholes by calling the Department of Public Works (203-630-4018) or may use the online citizens services request form.

 Snow Removal- The Highway Division removes snow from all publicly accepted City Streets.  For questions on snow removal, please visit the Snow FAQ page here.  Please note the City no longer provides sand for our residents.

Street Maintenance - The Highway Division regularly removes trash that accumulates on the sides of City streets.  

Street Sweeping - The Highway Division performs regular cleaning of the City’s streets and performs a City-wide street cleaning generally beginning in March to remove winter debris.