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The City of Meriden Department of Fire and Emergency Services is under the leadership of Fire Chief Kenneth Morgan.  The rich and deep tradition of our firefighters in providing quality services to the community, coupled with the City's commitment to staying abreast of the newest in technology and equipment, will ensure that the Meriden Fire Department continues to add value to Meriden's standard of living.  A continued emphasis on public fire education and prevention combined with highly trained firefighters equipped with the latest technology will be the focus as we enter the next century.

It will be the mission that the City of Meriden Department of Fire and Emergency Services provide a team-based approach to deliver effective and efficient services to the community in the following programs:

Fire Prevention
Public Fire Education
Fire Suppression
Hazardous Material Incident Mitigation
Technical Rescue
Emergency Medical Services
Community Involvement

The delivery of these programs will be effected with professionalism, integrity, compassion and optimism often under adverse and difficult circumstances.

Mission First - People Always