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Youth Services

Office Hours:  Monday-Friday 8:00am-4:30 pm.  Additional meeting times can be made by appointment.

Phone: 203-630-4225

Email: Denise Keating, Manager   -


Meriden Youth Services is charged with caring for the well-being of the City’s youth. Our staff advocates for resources and provides services to strengthen the healthy functioning of families, providing opportunities for all youth to function as responsible members of the community.  


Staff strives to enhance the networking and support between family, school, peer and community environments.  Programs assist youth in the development of their desires, skills, talents, and goals, and view children as valued and contributing members of the community.  Center-based and outreach activities to schools and neighborhoods cultivate young people’s sense of responsibility, self-worth and encourage community service. 


Our Youth Services staff are available for case management, support, and referral services.


Staff sits on many local boards and helps organize the Campership program in Meriden. 


We are a member of the Connecticut Youth Service Association, which is charged with centrally coordinating the comprehensive delivery of services and advocacy for youth and their families.  


Meriden youth - do you need community service hours? Call us at 203-630-4225!





Our Teen and Youth Services Community Directory is updated annually. Click on the picture for the latest version!