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Transfer Station

The City of Meriden operates and maintains a bulky waste Transfer Station.  The Transfer Station is located on Evansville Avenue opposite the Meriden Markham Municipal Airport and immediately south of the Meriden Water Pollution Control Facility.  For information on the Transfer Station not found below, call 203-630-4018.






Monday 7:30 am to 11:30 am

Wednesday 10:30 am to 2:30 pm

First and Third Saturday 7:30 am to Noon

* The Transfer Station will be closed during inclement weather.



 Air Conditioners


   Non-Rechargeable Household Batteries (Alkaline and Zinc Carbon Batteries)
   can be disposed of with your household trash and will not be accepted at
   the transfer station.

   Lithium Ion and Nickel metal hydride (Ni-Mh) batteries may be dropped off
   at the transfer station for disposal at no cost. Examples of these
   batteries include: cell phones, laptops, power tools, and miscellaneous

   Silver Oxide batteries should be disposed of as household hazardous waste.

  *Automotive Batteries (Lead-Acid Batteries)* requires consumers to return
   their lead-acid auto batteries, motorcycles, etc. for recycling, and
   requires retailers of these batteries to accept a used battery for each
   battery they sell.

 Brush - no longer than 4 feet and no diameter greater than 6 inches

 Bulky Waste - furniture, mattresses, box spring, bureaus, tables, chairs, sofas, and carpeting

 Lawn mowers, grass trimmers, snow blowers - MUST REMOVE ALL FLUIDS

 Leaves - must be in paper bags.  Leaves in plastic bags must be emptied and the plastic bag must be carried out.

Tires (without rims)

 White Metal - appliances, bicycles

 Electronic Waste - NO CHARGE

Answering machines


Cell phones
Computer cables and wires
Computer keyboards
Computer mice
Computer monitors (CRT and flat screen)
CPUs, notebook computers, laptop computers, towers, servers
Disk drives
DVD players
Fax machines

Fluorescent ballasts - both PCB and non-PCB

Fluorescent bulbs - all types (straight, u-shaped, rounnd CFL bulbs
Handheld computer devices

HID lamps
MP3 players
Printed circuit boards
Satellite descramblers/receivers
Tape recorders
Telephone systems
Televisions (CRT and flat screen)
VCR players
Video cameras
Video game systems


Blow dryers
Coffee makers
Small household electrical items



Auto and Truck parts

Construction debris, roofing materials

Excavation materials (asphalt, rocks, fill)

Explosives, ammunition

Grass clippings (helpful tip)

Hazardous waste - asbestos, biomedical waste, oil based paints, toxics, fertilizers

Recycling (glass, plastic, cardboard, newspaper, etc)

Tree stumps, bush stumps, roots, root balls

Waste oil, gas, antifreeze

Wood (pressure and non pressure treated) 


 A Resident's Management Guide For Those Not-So-Common Household Items


Transfer Station fees are per vehicle, per use, non-commercial vehicles only, payable at the Transfer Station.  We accept cash and checks.  Checks must have your current phone number printed on them.  Leaves, brush, and electronic waste accepted from any non-commercial vehicle for no charge. Proof of residency is required.




Car / Minivan / SUV


Pickup Truck or trailer


Large Truck










The following "ITEMS NOT ACCEPTED" may be disposed of, among other places, at the following locations.  Please contact them directly for more information including associated fees:

Waste Oil:


136 Gracey Ave

Meriden, CT



Construction Debris:


415 Christian Lane

Berlin, CT 860-828-1162

(For CWPM information, CLICK HERE )



22 Burton Dr

Cheshire, CT



Propane Tanks:

Hines Hardware

231 Maple Ave

Cheshire, CT 06410


Gas Works

201 Church St

Route 68

Yalesville, CT 06492



For additional information on the Transfer Station, try our FAQ page here.