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Traffic & Fire Alarm

The Traffic and Fire Alarm Division is responsible for the maintenance of all City traffic signals, signs, and pavement markings.  It is also responsible for fire alarms and the streetlights located downtown and on Main St in South Meriden..

The Traffic and Fire Alarm Division is guided by state statutes and the City Council regarding the installation of traffic signals and signs.  It conducts a regular maintenance program for existing traffic lights & signs and conducts traffic signal studies for the installation of new ones.

The Division maintains 60 traffic signals in the City and 240 fire alarms.

Recently-completed and on-going projects include:

 Broad Street/Gale Avenue/Ann Street Traffic Signal  
Mid-State Medical Center (traffic light system)
Meriden Square expansion (traffic light system & coordination)
 Lewis Avenue at Springdale Avenue Traffic Signal
 West Main Street at Bradley Avenue Traffic Signal

Future Public Works projects involving the Traffic and Fire Alarm Division (traffic lights, signs, & pavement markings) include:

Centennial Plaza and West Main Street intersection improvements
Main Street and River Road intersection improvements
 West Main Street at Johnson Avenue and Sylvan Avenue Traffic Signal
 Centennial Ave at Coe Ave Signal and Geometric Improvements

For more information on Traffic, try our FAQ page located here.