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Towing Enforcement

Officer Hector Cardona Sr is the Towing Enforcement Officer for the Department.  Officer Cardona also serves as a member of the Hostage Negotiation Team, the External Affairs Officer, and the Coordinator of the Department's Honor Guard.  Officer Cardona was a founding member of the original Community Police Division and has served the City of Meriden for over 25 years. 
The primary mission of the Towing Enforcement Officer is to identify, tag, and remove abandoned motor vehicles from the City of Meriden.  It is unlawful to abandon any motor vehicle on a city street or highway.  Officer Cardona works closely with the Neighborhood Initiative Unit to address this quality of life problem throughout the city. 

To report an abandoned motor vehicle on a city street, please call (203) 630-6251 or email Officer Hector Cardona Sr. 
It is a violation of Connecticut General Statutes section 14-150 to abandon a motor vehicle upon a city street or upon the property of another.