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The CT Center for Healthy Aging at the LaPlanche Clinic


The Connecticut Center for Healthy Aging at the LaPlanche Clinic, a not for profit member of Hartford HealthCare Senior Services, is a resource and assessment center providing access to services and information related to attaining optimal quality of life for seniors and their caregivers.

Stop by the Connecticut Center for Healthy Aging at the LaPlanche Clinic weekdays, from 9 a.m. to noon, to learn more.

A registered nurse from Hartford HealthCare at Home will be at the LaPlanche Clinic Tuesdays, 9 to 11 a.m.



  • Needs assessments and referral services based on identified needs and client's objectives
  • Helps seniors and their caregivers access medical care, social services, community resources, financial planning and elder law advisors, holistic care and wellness programs
  • Education and training for caregivers, elders and family members on various topics
  • Community speakers and Alzheimer's dementia trainers offer a variety of topics for community organizations and local businesses' employees


Clients: More than 2,500 seniors and their families annually provided educational resources, consultation and related services.


Assessments: More than 200 home assessments conducted annually.