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Safety & Risk Management


The Safety and Risk Management Division is responsible for the City of Meriden’s Comprehensive Risk Management and Insurance program.  The program includes the identification and control of existing and/or potential risks, utilizing all methods of risk control and risk financing techniques for the purpose of eliminating, mitigating and minimizing losses affecting and/or impacting the City of Meriden’s economic and financial family.

Division activities include management of the City of Meriden’s Workers Compensation self funding/retention program, investigation and adjustment of all other self insured liability claims, insurance coverage negotiation and evaluation with agents/brokers/carriers, risk review of various City of Meriden reports, leases, agreements, contracts and other documents, safety inspections of all City of Meriden buildings and sites, coordination and supervision of the City of Meriden’s overall safety and training program and technical risk management, safety and insurance consulting services to all municipal departments and divisions, boards, and commissions, including the Board of Education.

Specific to insurance, the Safety and Risk Management Division is responsible for working closely with the City of Meriden’s Agent of Record in order to provide insurance coverage at the best possible price for the exposures requiring such risk financing treatment, reviewing all current policies and coverages, reviewing vehicle, equipment, and property schedules, and their respective values, reviewing all incurred claims, and following up and expediting settlements of claims that may be troublesome or delayed, and reviewing for accuracy all audits and payrolls, as well as ensuring credits are given for premiums paid.

The Safety and Risk Management Division is a division of the City of Meriden's Manager's Office.  The Safety and Risk Management Division consists of 1.0 full time equivalent employees, the Risk Manager.