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Risk Management Organizations and Associations


The Nonprofit Risk Management Center (NoRMaC) provides risk management education, training and information to nonprofits and community based organizations.

The Center for Advanced Risk Management Education (CARME) was established as a division of Risk Management Education at the American Institute for CPCU and the Insurance Institute of America.  With the Associate in Risk Management (ARM) program as its core, CARME is developing new courses, products, and educational services to extend and enhance the study of risk management.  CARME is establishing alliances with several organizations to develop specialized and applied curricula.  The American Society for Healthcare Risk Management and the Public Risk Management Association have already collaborated with CARME to develop courses that will focus on risk management practice in those respective environments.  Email  for more information on CARME.

The mission of the Risk & Insurance Management Society (RIMS) is to advance the theory and practice of risk management by:

Promoting the awareness, understanding and application of risk management
Developing the competency and influence of risk managers, thereby, positioning risk
   management as a discipline vital to the protection
Utilization of human and financial resources

American Society for Healthcare Risk Management (ASHRM) is the preeminent society for healthcare risk management.  This professional organization strives to advance risk management in the healthcare field through professional development, membership services, enhanced communications, risk management innovation, and effective governance.

Public Risk Database Project (PRDP) is a nonprofit corporation created to collect, compile, and disseminate liability loss and other information for state and local governments and other entities, including school districts and risk pools.  The organization's primary objective is to create a self-supporting national data warehouse to help public officials improve the performance of their risk management programs, make better policy decisions, and control risk financing costs.

The Public Agency Risk Managers Association (PARMA) was formed for the purpose of facilitating the exchange of ideas and innovative approaches toward risk management programs in governmental agencies.  PARMA's primary goals are to provide a forum for communication among public agency risk managers and continuing professional education in the many intricacies of risk management.

American Risk and Insurance Association (ARIA) is a professional association of insurance scholars and other insurance and risk management professionals.  Members receive many valuable tools and opportunities for enlightenment, growth and education.

Public Entity Risk Institute (PERI) 's mission is to serve public, private, and nonprofit organizations as a dynamic, forward thinking resource for the practical enhancement of risk management.

The Center for Risk Management and Insurance Research is an integral part of the Department of Risk Management and Insurance at Georgia State University.  The center houses ongoing, multidisciplinary research programs in several key areas of business and public policy interest.  These encompass the following:

Structural changes in insurance
Developments in risk management
Implications of improved information
Regulation and public policy