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Resident Services

After School Homework Programming held every year since 1996 by a certified Meriden school teacher supported by resident employees and volunteers.  Results in increased student performance through timely completion of homework, increased advocacy/communication with school on child's behalf, successfully engaging 10 to 30 elementary school aged children a day during the school year.

Resource Center Program that supports all programming held through the department by linking residents with information pertaining to programming administered by other human services throughout the City of Meriden.  Door to door outreach of at least 20 programs bi annually are conducted through this service that results in increased participation of our residents in community programming.

Satellite Teen Center Programming takes place during peak times of criminal activity on site and exposes PHA youth to community service, (working with elderly), instills drug avoidance behaviors in youth and teaches kids to stay away from gangs and express their problems rather then resorting to violence.  Participants go on field trips to locals businesses to experience the diverse working atmosphere of our City and begin to form vocational aspirations of their own.

Computer Training Programming takes place in the on site Community and Training Centers of the Mills Memorial and Chamberlain Heights family developments.  The bilingual program trains dozens of residents per year and helps them prepare for gainful employment.

Head Start Satellite Classroom was built from a two-bedroom unit in the Chamberlain Heights development using funds from the ROSS 2001 grant.  The new center is fully operational and State licensed.  It is currently serving 28 children from MHA developments. 

Welfare to Work - The Authority has created a comprehensive Welfare to Work, (WtW), program with ROSS funding entitled the Achievement Business Learning and Employment , or ABLE, program.  Elements of this program include a Case Manager that assists participants in our WtW program in setting goals and overcoming obstacles to employment such as day care and transportation.  A Job Developer that aids residents in finding gainful employment.  Working with participant's one on one and in groups, this ex resident also networks with local business to get them to hire our residents who present with the skill sets needed by employers.  On Site Work Readiness Classes are taught under contract by the Middlesex Community College that impart interviewing skills, resume writing and proper workplace etiquette.  The Literacy Volunteers administer Literacy and ESL classes that are directly matched to students test scores as determined through the CT standardized CASAS battery of tests.  Computer Literacy Programming is funded through the Authority's Comprehensive funding and is taught through a nationally recognized expert in computer training, Show Me PCs.  Advanced Classes prepare students for Microsoft Certification tests and Basic Classes utilize the IC3 Curriculum, which is the industry standard for general computer literacy.  Students are interviewed before classes begin to enable ABLE classes to focus on participant's area of chosen vocation.  ABLE classes are held five days a week and run in 14 week cycles.

All programs are funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

Resident Services Department Information

David Sunshine, Director of Resident Services
Sara Vega, Public Housing FSS Coordinator