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Police Explorer Summer Academy

Annually, Meriden Police Explorers attend the Cadet Academy. The Academy lasts for one week and provides the Explorers with a sense of what it would be like to attend a Police Academy. 

Trainings include:

1) Basic Training--First Year

     Phase one classes include:

               •  Report Writing        
Firearm Safety
               •  Motor Vehicle Law

   Explorers learn to march and will participate in a marching drill competition.

2) Advanced Training--Second Year

     Phase Two classes include:

               •  Search and Seizure
               •  Accident Investigation
               •  Crime Scene Investigation

      At the range, Explorers will compete for team and individual shooting awards.

3)  Practical Skills--Third Year
     The program will cover patrol and arrest techniques baton training and much more. There will also be classroom and
     hands on training as well as physical agility testing.

4) Mock Police Department--Fourth Year

    In this phase, Explorers will be assigned shifts to work in the Explorer Police Department.  They will respond to a variety of
    calls and will be critiqued by a Field Training Officer. Explorers may apply for Rank or Detective within the Mock Police

 5)  Career Development

      This phase is designed for Explorers who are in top physical condition.  This is a rewarding yet challenging phase. 
      This phase prepares an Explorer to take  the test to become a Law Enforcement Officer.

 6)  Mountain Bike

      In this phase, Explorers will complete a Police Bicycle Patrol Course.


All Explorers will be offered an opportunity to shoot at the Academy Range.  Explorers will work one-on-one with a Police officer or an NRA certified instructor.