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Human Resources

The Human Resources (HR) Department is charged with the administration of the City's classification and compensation systems.  This system embodies all offices and positions in the municipal service.  All employee recruitments, examinations, appointments, promotions, transfers and separations are handled through this office as well as the administration of all employee benefit programs.  Complete chronological records of individual employees are kept and constantly updated to reflect current wages, benefits, dependents and beneficiaries.  This department also performs labor contract negotiations with eight employee labor unions, provides opinions on interpretations and permissible discipline, and administers the City's pension programs.

Labor Relations - The Human Resources (HR) Director works with the City’s eight employee bargaining units to resolve contract disputes and interpretations and to negotiate wages, benefits, and work environment issues.  The HR Director hears employee discipline cases, advises department heads on disciplinary matters, and issues letters of warning, suspension, and termination.  The HR Director assures that all applicable state and federal laws are followed and represents the City at arbitration and State Labor Board hearings.  The HR Director advises department heads on all legal issues related to employees.  The HR Director mediates in-house issues to avoid more formal, costly procedures.

Employee Development - The HR Department assists department heads in scheduling training for their employees and themselves.  The HR Director also schedules supervisory and department head training regularly (i.e, FMLA, ADA, discipline, personnel evaluations) to assure that the City complies with current state and federal laws.  Through research and outside sources, the HR Director acts as a source of information for employees and department heads

Recruitment and Retention - The HR Department, in conjunction with other City Departments, reviews job descriptions, places advertisements, checks resumes and applications for employment, and sets up interview panels to screen prospective job applicants.  The HR Director sits on most panels and screens interview questions as well as making sure City policies are followed during the interview process.  When employees consider leaving the City’s employ, the HR Director ascertains the reasons and tries to retain highly qualified employees within the City.

Reviews Job Descriptions
Places Advertisements
Checks Resumes and Applications
Sets up Interview Panels
Assists Department Heads in complying with hiring laws