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Specialty Foods

This section is for those individuals or groups that produce consumable food items that were prepared in licensed
kitchen facilities and will be brought to the Market for sale, such as relishes, pickled foods, spices, etc.

Our goal is to provide an interesting and diverse setting for people to purchase fresh, wholesome, locally produced foods, while experiencing other local talents and activities. The enhanced Farmers’ Market will be marketed through an extensive program,
including newspaper articles and ads, signage, and Web based communications.

Farmers' Market rents space for vendors and supplies a robust marketing effort. Vendors are responsible for adherence to all laws and regulations and providing insurance appropriate to their products. At the market, all vendors must have their company name and prices prominently displayed and provide their own tables, chairs and canopy. Other point of sale advertising is encouraged. This is a rain or shine market.

Dates: Every Saturday, July 11 through October 24 (16 weeks) during 2015
Time: 8:30 AM to 12:00 noon
Place: 137 State St. (across from Community Health Clinic)

2015 Season Application Form

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