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Vendor Information

Welcome to the Meriden Farmers’ Market. We are delighted that you are considering becoming a vendor at this market, and expect this to be rewarding for both vendors and shoppers alike. We encourage participation by farmers, specialty food growers, craftsmen, artisanal bakeries, and “lunch on the go” booths. 

The Meriden Farmers’ Market rents space for vendors and supplies a robust marketing effort. Vendors are responsible for adherence to all laws and regulations and for providing insurance appropriate to their products. At the market, all vendors must have their company name and prices prominently displayed and provide their own tables, chairs and canopy. Other point of sale advertising is encouraged. This is a rain or shine market. 

Please click on the link to the left related to your area of participation. 

For further information or to get in touch with a Farmers’ Market representative, please contact either of these officers:

Ed Peczynski
203-238-1775 (H)
860-841-0888 (C)

Mark Kosnoff
203-237-9028 (H)
203-494-8526 (C)