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About Us

The mission of the revitalized Meriden Farmers’ Market is to encourage city residents to come downtown on Saturday mornings, providing the opportunity to buy fresh CT Grown produce, browse in other food and non-food booths, and just have some fun! 

The Meriden Farmer’s Market successfully moved to its downtown location in 2011 and promptly enjoyed a greatly expanded number of vendors as well as providing multiple activities for its customers. This new site provides more visibility for the Market, as well as improved parking and the placement of permanent Farmers Market signage. 

In 2016, the Market anticipates further expansion of the number and variety of vendors, as well as increasing the assortment of entertainment offerings. As of 2016, the Market will be located in the newly revitalized Meriden Green (formerly the Hub) at 46 Pratt St. .

Using the Market’s two current “anchor” farmers as a base, other vendors are being added, including (but not limited to) artisanal bakeries, “lunch on the go” booths, and unique produce (different than that offered by the current farmers). This may include items such as “organic” produce and heirloom tomatoes, as well as cheese or honey. And perhaps egg farmers and butchers. 

Each week, there may also be local craftsmen offering their creations such as jewelry, cut and silk flowers, homemade crafts and clothing. On some Saturdays, entertainment will also be offered. Community groups will also have access to booths. Some of the booths will have a decidedly ethnic flavor. Each week will be different! 

We may also have a “Meriden” booth with pamphlets about the city, community groups and help with the use of Food Stamps at the Market.



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