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IT Department

Under the direction and guidance of Steve Montemurro, the IT Director, the Information Technology Department serves to support the following major departmental functions:

Information Systems Development
The IT Department is responsible for the computerized systems for all City Departments and assists the administrative offices of the Board of Education.  Most importantly, the IT Department provides guidance to the City in planning its strategic direction for current and future use of computer technology and software systems.  The IT Department works to accomplish this task by determining the technology needs for all municipal departments, by compiling and analyzing these needs to recommend the appropriate hardware/software systems that will support these needs, and by ensuring successful implementation and efficient use of the computer systems.

Technology Support Services
Providing technical support to the end-users of the computer systems in a timely and efficient manner is critical to many departmental operations.  The staff of the IT Department provides this support in a number of different ways by assisting in the planning and acquisition of hardware and software, by assisting in the installation and configuration of PC-based and network-based equipment, and by diagnosing computer hardware, software and network malfunctions and taking prompt, corrective action as necessary.  Maintaining these support services is essential to maximizing the City’s investment by ensuring the technologies are used efficiently and appropriately.

Data Processing Services
The IT Department staff also has the responsibility for coordinating key, fundamental data processing duties such as payroll check processing, tax bill processing, job scheduling, data exchange, data backups, email and network management, and mainframe management.  Such duties help to facilitate and support the operations of all City departments.

GIS Services (203-630-4148)
The IT Department is responsible for the coordination of all activities to support Meriden's enterprise geographic information system (GIS).  This includes the development and maintenance of all GIS data layers and databases, the implementation of all GIS applications and software, and technical support to City staff on the use and analytical applications of GIS.  Visit our GIS Web site.