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 The City of Meriden Department of Law is under the leadership of Michael Quinn.

Legal Counsel - The Corporation Counsel and his staff serve as legal counsel to the City's elected and appointed officials.  Verbal and written legal opinions are given, when needed or requested, to answer legal questions that may arise in relation to the duties and responsibilities of these public officials.

Document Preparation - The legal staff prepares and reviews all leases, agreements, ordinances, and resolutions approved by the City Council.  Leases and agreements are frequently negotiated to make sure that they are in the best interest of the City and to limit possible future liability exposure.  All official documents, once approved, are available for public inspection in the City Clerk's Office.

Litigation - The legal staff represents the municipality against all claims and lawsuits filed against the City, or any of its departments or public officials.  While most cases are handled in house, some cases requiring specialized legal services may be assigned to private-sector lawyers when deemed to be in the City's best interests.

Claims Resolution - Claims are frequently filed against the City for alleged to actual injuries or damages sustained to individuals, as well as to their real and personal property.  Claims are reviewed by the legal staff prior to making final settlement.

Safety & Risk Management - This division is responsible for the City's Comprehensive Risk Management and Insurance Program.  The purpose of this program is to eliminate or minimize all potential risk of loss affecting the municipal organization and its operations.  Specific program components include management of the City's Worker's Compensation, Heart and Hypertension and Street and Sidewalk self-insured exposure programs, the negotiations and placement of all municipal insurance coverages, and various risk management and safety activities.

City's Comprehensive Risk Management & Insurance Program
City's Worker's Compensation
Self Insured Exposure Programs
Heart & Hypertension
Street & Sidewalk
Negotiations & Placement of Municipal Insurance Coverages
Safety & Risk Management & Safety Activities