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Human Rights Advisory Board


Rhudean Raye (D)
16 Rogers Dr.
Exp. 7/17/16

Hector Cardona, Sr. (R)
72 Amity St.
Exp. 7/17/15

Vanessa Hutchins (D)
212 Olive Street
Exp. 7/17/16  

Ronald S. Scott  (R)
89 Sylvan Valley Rd.
Exp. 7/17/16
Elizabeth Whitney (R)
58 Green Road
Exp. 7/17/15

Roland Cockfield (D)
Exp. 7/17/14

Lucille Malavenda (D)
144 Allen Avenue
Exp. 7/17/17
(for Thompson)

Staff Liaison to Board
Atty. Deborah L. Moore, Secretary
Human Rights Advocate, Meriden Law Dept.
Meriden City Hall, 142 E. Main St.