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Harbor Brook Restoration Project


The City of Meriden has suffered major flood damage since the mid 1800’s. Flood control plans were formulated but not funded or implemented in 1871, 1939, 1962, 1965, 1971, 1977, and 1982.  In 1992, flooding caused approximately $14,000,000 in damages.  In April, 1995, the City completed its “Plan for Action on Flood Control for the City of Meriden”, which resulted in the April 2000 “Harbor Brook Flood Control and Restoration Project Plan and Report”.  The plan recommended bridge redesign and replacement, channel improvements, and acquisition of floodplain property for flood storage. Major flooding occurred again in 1996.


Since that time, the City, with State and federal assistance, has undertaken the flood control activities which are listed below with the City funded share of the costs involved:

Harbor Brook Project Plan

$   500,000

Corps of Engineers Study

$   250,000

Bridge Design

$   165,400

Bradley Avenue/Coe Avenue Bridge Construction

$   426,000

Baldwin Pond Dam Reconstruction

$   814,633

Black Pond Dam Reconstruction

$   653,184

Hanover Pond Dam Reconstruction

$ 1,611,260

Property Acquisitions-Flaws-Barr Road

$   431,000

Property Acquisition-Mase-Barr Road, Pomeroy Ave

$   220,900

Property Acquisition-Bridges and Dams

$   272,600

HUB Acquisition

$ 1,685,000

HUB Reuse Planning

$   155,000


$ 7,184,977


The next priorities of the project are to complete the acquisition of upstream properties and implement the detention portion of the project; start the design process to replace the Amtrak railroad bridge; and proceed with improvements at Columbus Avenue Bridge bypass culvert and replacement of the Center Street Bridge.  Thereafter, the State of Connecticut will be replacing the Cook Avenue Bridge while the City is beginning channel improvement work.  The bridge at Cooper Street, the last of the five bridges to be replaced, should be completed in conjunction with the channel work.


The following table list identifies work anticipated in the immediate future:

Upstream Detention

$ 3,000,000

Railroad Bridge Design

$   400,000

Columbus Ave Bridge Bypass Culvert

$ 1,000,000

Channel Work-Hanover Pond to Cooper Street

$ 3,500,000

Center Street Bridge

$ 2,100,000



The above does not include work at the Factory H site, estimated at $5,000,000 and work at the HUB site estimated at $8,500,000.  Both projects require extensive demolition and soils remediation to be carried out in conjunction with planned flood control activities.