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Golf Course Commission

The Golf Course Commission is a seven-member advisory panel which provides direction and oversight for the Hunter Golf Course.  It is the Commission's responsibility to set the rules and regulations for the Golf Course, to advise and direct the Facility Manager, and to determine the operating budget and fees charged at the Golf Course.  These actions are taken in cooperation with the City Council.

Patsy Papandrea (D), Ch.
48 Holiday Hill Road
Exp. 1/31/16

Jan Brown (D)
145 Harbor Pond Drive
Exp. 1/31/16

Robert Wodatch (D)
32  William Avenue
Exp. 1/31/16


David Fordiani  (D)
1561 East Main St., # 5
Exp. 1/31/17

Enrico Buccilli (D)
51 Morley Drive
Exp. 1/31/17 

Rich Pasinski (D)
27 Meadow Way
Exp. 1/31/17
(replaces Nawrocki)

Joseph Vollano (R)
410 Parker Avenue South
Exp. 1/31/18
(for McGoldrick)

Council members serving ex-officio, non-voting:

Bob Williams, Jr. (R)
170 Stevenson Road, S.M.
Exp. 12/4/17 
 - Council Term

Larue A. Graham (D)
21 Heather Heights
Exp. 12/4/17 - Council Term