City of Meriden
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Current Location
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Fire Stations

Fire Station Locations and areas they primarily serve:

 Engine Company 1 - 168 Chamberlain Hwy
A large section of South Meriden as well as the City's west side residents and businesses are served by this station house.
 Engine Company 2 and Truck 1 - 61 Pratt Street
Formerly the department's main headquarters, this fire house, based in downtown Meriden, responds to the City's downtown and provides rescue and support services to the entire city.
 Engine Company 3 / Headquarters - 561 Broad Street
Recently renovated, Parker Hose Engine Company 3 has been serving the uptown and southeast areas of the city since 1889.  Since undergoing renovations in 1996, this station also houses the department's headquarters.
 Engine Company 4 - 260 Sherman Avenue
Responsible for protecting the north end and northeast corner of the city, this facility boasts many modern features and a central location.
 Engine Company 5 - 1075 East Main Street
Built in 1968 in response to residential and business growth in Meriden's east side, this station serves much of today's area highway system along with the easternmost Meriden locales.
 South Meriden Volunteer Dept - 31 Camp Street, South Meriden
South Meriden is very fortunate to have volunteer professionals who have undergone the same rigorous training as the City's paid fire department personnel.  These volunteers assist in serving the South Meriden area and offer support whenever necessary throughout many other sections of the City.