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Fire Marshal

The Fire Marshal's staff is available for inspections for the following license renewal:

  Liquor Permit   Youth Camps
  Food Service   Tents
  Certificate of Occupancy   Amusements/Rides
  Rooming House License   Burning Permit
  Health Care State Certificate   Blasting Permit
  Group Home   Fireworks/Display/Transportation
  Day Care   Inspections of 3 family homes
  Clinic   Movie/Cinema
Most of these require inspections, which are conducted by appointment.  Please call our office at 203.630.4010 to schedule an inspection so that the proper certificate is issued in ample time.

Other inspections and services conducted by the Fire Marshal’s Office are:

  Fire Investigation   Emergency Generator
  Hood Duct   Fuel Tank
  Hood Suppression System   Oil Truck
  Fire Alarm   Mercantile
  Sprinkler Test   Hotel/Motel
  Fire Stopping   Knox Box
  Havac   Plan Review
  Elevators   Haz Mat Emergency
  Code Interpretation   Water Flow Tests