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Email Registration

The Meriden Police Department is compiling a data bank of e-mail addresses for all City residents that wish to participate.  The data bank will consist of e-mail addresses marked for certain sectors of the City.  This data bank will be used for sending residents e-mail on important matters which effect their area or neighborhoods.  For example if there are numerous burglaries in an area, the police department would issue a warning bulletin for that area that is effected, as well as tips on crime prevention to assure you’re not victimized. 

The e-mail will also be used for newsletters developed by the police department regarding events, road closings, construction areas, emergency no parking areas, and special important notices.

To obtain an e-mail registration form, just ask any police officer, or come to the Meriden Police Department.

To e-mail your information, please e-mail your full name, address, telephone number (optional) and e-mail address to the Community Service Bureau

Also the Meriden Police Department is setting up a Crime Tip e-mail address. Anyone can e-mail the Meriden Police Department with crime tips that are happening in their neighborhoods.  All e-mail information will be kept confidential and will be used only by the Meriden Police Department and other law enforcement agencies.