City of Meriden
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Constituent Case Worker

Rob Kosienski, Jr. 
Constituent Caseworker

Office of the Mayor, City Hall
142 East Main Street
Meriden, CT  06450

Telephone:  203.639.6595


  • Assists the Mayor and City Council in responding to citizen inquiries and complaints.
  • Assists citizens in resolving problems with public agencies.
  • Provides assistance on governmental programs and resources.
  • Investigates facts, records, laws, policies and procedures.
  • Liaison between municipal elected officials and the public.
  • Performs routine tasks for the Mayor and represents the Mayor in dealings with employees, businesses, civic organizations and the public.
  • Attends meetings of the City Council, municipal boards and commissions, other government agencies and committees as assigned.
  • Performs extensive research and analysis, gathers statistical and other data and prepares written reports for the City Council and Mayor.