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Detective Division

The Detective Division has responsibility for the investigation of all serious felony crimes within the City of Meriden.  There are four units within the Detective Division:  Major Crimes Unit, Special Crimes Unit, Crime Suppression Unit and Evidence/ID Unit.  Detective Lieutenant Mark Walerysiak is a twenty-year veteran of the department, beginning his career in the Patrol Division.  He was assigned to Platt High School as the School Resource Officer in 2000, and in 2004 he was promoted to the rank of Detective.  He became a Detective Sergeant in 2007, when he was put in charge of the Special Crimes Unit.  In 2011, he was promoted to the rank of Detective Lieutenant where he briefly supervised the Detective Division before accepting a position in the Internal Affairs Unit.  On July 1, 2013 he resumed command of the Detective Division.  Detective Lieutenant Walerysiak can be reached by email or phone (203) 630-6285. 

If you have information regarding any current or cold case for the Detective Division, please call (203) 630-6281.  Email tips or crime information to by clicking here.

Major Crimes Unit 
Unit Supervisor:  Detective Sergeant Stephen Burstein  Email
All major felony offenses including homicide, robbery, burglary, and grand larceny are investigated by members of the Major Crime Unit.  Detectives assigned to Major Crimes have all served the Department for at least four years as Patrol Officers.  They receive extensive training in the investigation of complex cases, interview and interrogation, crime scene processing, and many other aspects of their duties.  Patrol Officers complete initial investigations for all major offenses and refer them to Major Crimes Detectives for further action.  Major Crimes Unit Detectives are on call to respond to serious offenses at all times. 

Special Crimes Unit
Unit Supervisor:  Detective Sergeant Robert Nesci  Email

The Special Crimes Unit is responsible for the investigation and follow-up of all sex offenses and juvenile cases.  Members of this unit receive specialized training in the investigation of complex cases, interview and interrogation, crime scene processing, victim services, and juvenile services.   Detectives assigned to Special Crimes have all served the Department for at least four years as Patrol Officers.  The Special Crimes Unit works closely with other Victim Services organizations, Sexual Assault Crisis Service, the Meriden Department of Human Services, and the State of Connecticut Department of Children and Families to ensure the successful conclusion of cases and that appropriate services are provided to all crime victims.  Special Crimes Unit Detectives also monitor compliance with the State of Connecticut Sex Offender Registry and maintain required files on persons required to register. 

Crime Suppression Unit
Unit Supervisor:  Detective Sergeant Hector Cardona, Jr.  Email
The Crime Suppression Unit is responsible for all street robberies, narcotics, prostitution and vice-related crimes.  Members of this unit receive specialized training in the use of confidential informants, interview and interrogation, evidence collection, and surveillance.  This is a hybrid unit where veteran Detectives and younger Patrol Officers work together to combat narcotics trafficking in the City of Meriden.  Since its' inception in 2005, the Crime Suppression Unit has made several hundred narcotics and prostitution arrests and seized several hundred thousand dollars in cash and property from the sale of illegal drugs. 

The Meriden Police Department has an anonymous Drug Tipline.  If you have information regarding illegal drug sales please call (203) 630-6273 and leave a message for the Crime Suppression Unit.  Email information about drug dealing and prostitution by clicking here.

Evidence/ID Unit
Unit Supervisor:  Detective Sergeant George Clements  Email 
The Evidence/ID Unit is responsible for the collection and preservation of evidence related to criminal investigations.  Members of the Evidence/ID receive extensive training in crime scene processing, fingerprint and DNA collection, and photography.  Evidence/ID Unit Detectives are on-call for major crimes and respond to handle all crime scenes.  Their focus is on the proper collection and processing of evidence to support the investigations conducted by members of the Department.  Evidence/ID Unit Detectives work closely with members of the Connecticut State Police Major Crime Squad, the State's Attorney's Office, the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, and the State Crime Lab.