City of Meriden
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Meriden Police Department - 50 West Main St. - Meriden, CT 06451

To report Narcotics activity in your neighborhood, you can email or call (203) 630-6273.
For EMERGENCY, dial 911.
For police non-emergency calls, dial (203) 238-1911.
For animal complaints, call Animal Control Officers at (203) 235-4179.  After hours, dial (203) 238-1911

The following Directory of Divisions and Units offers a quick view of the Meriden Police Department:

                                                 All Area Codes 203 unless specified otherwise

Office of the Chief  
Chief of Police, Jeffry W. Cossette     630.6300
Deputy Chief of Police - Administration & Support Services, Timothy Topulos     630.6307
Deputy Chief of Police - Field Operations, Mark Walerysiak     630.6298
Administrative Asst., Shawn-Louise Tompkins     630.6303
Internal Affairs  
Sergeant C. Fry     630.6339
Sergeant D. McKay     630.6344
Sergeant J. Mennone     630.6323
Technology Unit  
Lieutenant B. Elionfante     630.6255
Officer C. Rodriguez     630.6299
K. McCarthy, Technology Support Specialist     630.6214
Police Operations Division   
Captain G. Milslagle, Commander      630.6290
Lieutenant A. Carusone, First Watch Commander      630.6341
Lieutenant L. Guidobono, Second Watch Commander      630.5886
Lieutenant G. Delmastro, Third Watch Commander      630.6290
Animal Control Division      235.4179
Accident Investigation/Reconstruction Unit   
Acting Captain T. Cossette      630.6216
Tactical & Special Operations Unit     
Sergeant J. Rasczewski, Team Leader      630.6215
Detective D. Visconti, Assistant Team Leader     630.6252
School Resource Officers    
Lieutenant N. Sherwood, Supervisor  
Sergeant V. Lacerda, Supervisor  
Officer C. Blake, Platt High School     235.7962
Officer D. Verselli, Lincoln Middle School     238.2381
Officer B. Connolly, Maloney High School      238.2334
Officer M. Smusz, Washington Middle School      235.6606
Officer K. Egan, Public Elementary Schools 475.202.3645
Administrative Services Division   
Acting Captain T. Cossette     630.6216
D. Puska, Records Supervisor     630.6256
Officer R. Kudla, Court Liaison Officer       630.6283
A. Kiewlen - Records, Licensing, Permits & Fleet     630.6315 
S. Martel - Records, Licensing & Permits     630.6237
T. Turski - Records, Licensing & Permits     630.6313
 Fax # - Records Division     630.6257
 M. Weber-Dorau, Property & Evidence Unit     630.6244
Professional Development    
Officer J. Scully, Training Officer     630.6292
D. Ritchie, Scheduling Office      630.6305
Narcotics Tip Line     630.6273
Investigative Services Division  
Detective Lt. S. Burstein, Commander     630.6285
Major Crimes Unit  
Detective Sergeant H. Cardona, Jr.     630.6272
Detective G. Gonzalez     630.6260
Detective J. Wagner     630.6334
Detective D. Benoit     630.6297
Detective J. Robison     630.6267
Detective J. Femia     630.6219
Detective J. Williams     630.6250
Detective E. Simonson     630-6318
Crime Suppression Unit    
Detective Sergeant S. Phillips     630.6281
Detective M. Fonda     630.4178
Detective D. Visconti     630.6252
Detective K. Ieraci      630.6280
Criminal Identification Unit  
Detective Sergeant G. Clements     630.6287
Detective J. Cerejo     630.6268
Detective J. Hancort     630.6296
Special Crimes Unit  
Detective Sergeant R. Nesci     630.6234
Detective A. Stavrides     630.6233
Detective K. Muir     630.6294
Detective J. Rivera     630.6265
Detective G. Szlachetka     630.6295
Crisis Intervention Specialist P. Kudla     630.6253