City of Meriden
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City Manager


The City Manager has a small professional staff to assist in the administration of the City.  This staff coordinates all interdepartmental assignments, intergovernmental relations, conducts special assignments, analyzes municipal issues, and makes recommendations to the City Council.  All Council programs and policies are implemented through the City’s various department managers.

Community Development - Florence Villano - The functions of this division include the administration of the City’s Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program, which provides funds to various city departments and local non-profit agencies to operate programs benefiting low and moderate income persons.  In addition, this staff applies for and manages numerous other municipal grant applications.

Economic Development - Juliet Burdelski - The City has a staff of two persons that conduct economic development activities, including the administration of Meriden’s Enterprise Zone and incentives provided to private sector companies, many of which are made available by the state.  Staff support is also provided to the Economic Development Task Force and the Meriden Manufacturing Assistance Agency (MMAA).

  • Meriden Enterprise Zone 
  • Incentives for Private Sector Companies 
  • Economic Development Task Force 
  • Meriden Manufacturing Assistance Agency


Human Rights - Under leadership of Deborah Moore, Human Rights Advocate and Staff Liaison, the Human Rights office will be responsible for the implementation and enforcement of Chapter 101 of the City Code entitled the "Equal Opportunity Ordinance."  The Human Rights Advocate will assist in the enforcement of State Statutes (Section 36a-60/64) prohibiting discriminatory employment and public accommodations and housing practices, and other state and Federal laws, and serve as staff liaison to such city boards and commissions as assigned by the City Manager.

  • Human Rights Advocate / Staff Attorney 
  • Enforces Chapter 101 of City Code entitled "Equal Opportunity Ordinance" 
  • Assist in the enforcement of State Statutes (Section 36a-60/64) 
  • Serves as staff liaison to such City Boards & Commissions as assigned by City Manager


Citizen Inquiry Services

Virtually hundreds of citizen inquiries are received during the year.  Many inquiries are responded to directly by the staff.  Where appropriate, these inquiries are forwarded to department managers for response.  All citizen inquiries are processed in a professional and timely manner.